Mindset Of A Real Man: 12 Hal Penting Pria Wajib Tau!

1. Woman is Number Two, My Passion is Number ONE.

2. I Am Honest and Being My Self… I Don’t care if Woman likes it or not.

3. I Don’t apologize for the things I Desire… I Know what I Want and I Know How to Get it!

4. I am CONFIDENT, ATTRACTIVE, CHARMING and Yes, Woman Knows it.

5. I WANT Woman, but I don’t DESPERATELY NEEDING them.

6. I Don’t Allow Woman to Control my Life and Emotions, I Control Theirs instead.

7. I am The MOST important Person in my RELATIONSHIP with Woman.

8. Even though I LEAD Woman, I LEAD with LOVE.

9. I Care and Love Woman… but once they’re out of Line, I Punish them.

10. I Give Woman TWO Chances to make mistakes… the FIRST and the LAST.

11. I am NOT afraid to Walk Away from any Woman no matter how beautiful they are.

12. Woman Lives under My RULES, and under my RULES, I will LOVE them with all my HEART!.


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